Business Experience

  • Managed a State Farm agency's social media pages.
  • Oversaw a 35% increase in social media impressions and a 12% increase in social media reach.
  • Crafted a digital marketing plan for the agency at the end of my internship. 

Social Media Marketing Intern (Jan. 2022 - April 2022)

  • Handled the financial and legal aspects of cell tower development.
  • Completed audit reports on the condition of cell tower sites and estimated the project cost to decommission them.
  • Photographed the condition of cell tower sites for future analysis by management. 

Project Support Intern (Jun. 2021 - Aug. 2021)

  • Assisted customers with bill payments and any questions they may have on their insurance policies.
  • Completed Drive Safe & Save customer service tasks, such as helping customers reboot their beacon.
  • Emailed quotes to prospective clients and filed office papers into a digital Batch file
  • Was a team member on a team that broke the agency's sales record in March 2021

    Client Relations Intern (Jan. 2021 - Jun. 2021)