Letters of Recommendation

David worked for me as a freelancer from July 2020 through September 2021. In that capacity he was expected to pitch, research and write articles for the paper I edited at the time, The Chestnut Hill Local, a weekly print and daily online publication in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. He also wrote several longer assignments for the newspaper’s quarterly magazine, Wissahickon.

In that capacity, David excelled. He was eager to learn new things and accept challenges. He was excited by the work and made positive impressions on the subjects he interviewed. He took every aspect of the work seriously and consistently exceeded expectations. When it came to writing, he took criticism and direction well, showing definite signs of improvement with each newly completed piece. His enthusiasm never waned.

I can confidently recommend David for any reporting, writing or research role. He is an enthusiastic and dedicated learner. I expect he will thrive given the opportunity.

To Whom it May Concern,

I am happy to recommend David Hunt for a position in journalism or in an organization as a public relations specialist, especially in a writing-heavy role.

As an adjunct instructor at Temple University, I taught David in a public relations writing class during the fall 2020 semester. A few things I noticed:

  • David became a better writer through repetition. There is a saying “I love having written, but I hate writing.” But David is the opposite. He understands that the more you write, the better you get. He improved the most of any student in a 16-person writing-intensive class.

  • His attitude is admirable. Fall 2020 was not an easy time to be a college student. The pandemic forced classes online and Zoom Fatigue wore many of us down. I saw some students lose interest as the semester went on. But David kept showing up on time, each week. Also, he was very open to feedback.

  • David keeps seeking writing opportunities – both with a for-profit newspaper, the Chestnut Hill Local, and Temple’s professional-level college newspaper, the Temple News. There is no substitute for experience and David was willing to seek opportunities that would allow him to generate an assortment of clips.

Having worked as both a journalist and a public relations practitioner, I have worked with many personality types throughout my career.

David happens to be the kind of person I root for – a scrappy go-getter who subscribes to a “nothing is given, everything is earned” mindset. Although he has never been a co-worker, I have a feeling he would be an excellent teammate in a work environment. He is a likeable person who is very humble and earnest. Please consider David if you need someone who will always give his all and will strive everyday to become a dependable and trustworthy professional.

This is to confirm that David Hunt participated in our writing internship for Summer 2020 Semester and assisted with the podcast segments of The Maria Liberati Show. During his internship, David assisted with opening monologues for Maria Liberati. David wrote some opening monologues, brainstormed creative ideas for segments and created content for the podcast. David was also willing to take on unexpected tasks and welcomed the opportunity to learn new skills and is highly motivated.

David is extremely creative, works well under pressure and also was able to work extremely well with short notice segments- when topics and themes were not decided until last minute he sometimes had a day to come up with partial monologues and David came through.

We would recommend David to any employer as being creative and responsible